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21st Passion for Speed


It kind of feels like it was only just the other day that we were at the last Passion for Speed which only took place in June of 2021 thanks to COVID-19 instead of at the end of January as is the norm. Well, it is upon us once again and this time around it seems Omicron is not having its way with us this time around.

Government regulations concerning the current level of lockdown have been sufficiently amended to now permit up to 2000 spectators, and the requirement that spectators had to be fully vaccinated has been done away with. Certain mandatory checks are being done to ensure spectator compliance. This then changes the game slightly in that spectators who form a considerable part of motorsport are now once again permitted to attend race events, albeit in limited numbers for now.

Due to the numerous previous lockdowns that were put in place since 2020, many competitors, myself included, chose the safer option and limited our race event attendance. While this impacted competitor numbers throughout the country, it was simply just not the same without having spectators around a track. We hope to change that this time around and expect to see some old faces and die-hards pop in at this year’s Passion for Speed event.

From our side, we have done as much as we possibly can to ensure that our little Datsun 1200GX is fully race-prepped and that it is competitive in its class. Not being affiliated to any specific club (in Gauteng) for championship competition purposes, we instead choose to race on invitation at selective race events as and when we see fit to do so.

Midvaal Historics has extended an invitation to us for this upcoming 21st Passion for Speed event, and we are honored to be a part of this historic event. With an estimated entry field of more than 40 historic saloon cars, this will be an exciting event and something we look forward to.

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